A stunning example of Airbrush artistry.

Next to Civilised is now in Private ownership.

Next to civilised depicts a peaceful looking Macaque sitting next to a sri lankan prayer bowl. Some people have interpreted the bowl to be a beggars bowl and that the Macaque is being used to collect money from the public. This was an interpretation that I had considered but was not the one I had in mind when painting the image. The bowl is a finely crafted bowl but depicts 2 men fighting. It was this juxtaposition of the creativity of man but also the destructive nature next to the serene looking Macaque that I wanted to show and to spark a discussion as to what civilised means to people. 

The image was painted on clayboard which is an archival art board and I used acrylic inks and an airbrush. 


There was just one point difference between 1st and 2nd place. 



2nd Place 


On Patrol


Fiona Champion –

A magnificent beast portraited in Acrylic 


Voting was so tight with just another vote difference between 2nd and 3rd place. 



3rd Place 


Amur Tiger Cub


Vicky Mansor