About Tina Shaw

I use the oriental medium to compose and paint, mainly with Inks /watercolour and fine Liners.  All paintings have an oriental Japanese theme and can include animals, plant life. 

My Design Strategy and Inspiration

This comes straight from the heart.  I have always been fascinated by anything to do with Japan’s leading artists of years’ ago.  Hokusai, in particular, and also Hiroshige.

With each piece of new work, my aim is to contribute a new slant on Japan’s finest master pieces. I want to create something that no-one else does.

My Working Process

Working on 300gsm paper, I begin by sketching parts of Hokusai’s woodblock prints and adding features of my own interpretation to the process. Dots, dashes and small round circles make up parts of the picture.  To this end, I strive to create something truly unique with vibrant colours to match.

Magnolia and Skylark

Mixed Media 

Size:  17 x 20 in

Price: £120