We’re delighted to announce the winner of this year’s public vote: Nicky Heard’s stunning ‘Giraffe’.

This beautiful piece from Nicky depicts the graceful head of a giraffe peering from the frame. It is made all the more impressive by the fact that it was painted using wool.

Nicky says of her win: ‘This is the first time I have participated in the Southern Nature Art Exhibition and I did not know how wool would be received as a painting media.

I am thrilled that people have voted for me and, I feel, it opens up possibilities for more artists using unusual media.’

Many voters were impressed by this piece, here are some comments:

“He looks so alive! The detail in him is superb.”

“I love the stark shift of line drawing to detail and the look captured on the giraffe’s face, like you’ve just interrupted their dinner.”

“The use of wool on canvas fascinates me, the detail Nicky gets into it is truly astonishing. She’s also a wonderful lady, very humble.:

“I love the angle of the piece and the simplicity of the artwork.”

Second place goes to Julie Weir for their ‘Here comes the Spring’.

'Here comes Spring' By Julie Weir - watercolour - £250 (swallows, housemartins & swifts) -16" x 20"
‘Here comes Spring’ By Julie Weir

All our nominees were amazing, but these two were the favorites of the public this year.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted, it was great to hear your thoughts.

Nicky will be able to see her work on next year’s promotional material, as we proudly display the best our exhibition has to offer.