About Sylviane Thomas

I started painting properly about 8 years ago. I love it and I am completely hooked to it, despite the frustrations and bad days, when everything gets ruined. Renoir said “I have so much to learn”, well I just have to join the club and keep on learning.

For the moment I am concentrating on oil painting. I have done a fair amount of seascapes, as I love the sea, both above and under.  My husband, being a marine biologist, has given me a great love for it. In addition to this, as a child, my parents could not afford to go to the seaside, so to me, seeing the sea was simply magic. I have become more and more fascinated by it.  Painting it certainly cheered me up during the confinement.

I also love working with pastels, as it is an easy media to take on holiday, or anywhere and it gives me great pleasure to see the creativity I can produce. With my very first one, I felt on the top of the world, finding out that I could do something with it. Once I finished it, I had real pleasure to see it hanging on the wall, as I was ill and bed confined, it cheered me up through that difficult time

I have reached the stage in my journey now, where I would like some recognition… like every artist I suppose. One needs that drive.

Angel Fish 


Size: 19.5″ x 25.5″

Price: £600

Durdle Door


Size:  20″ x 30″

Price: £1000

Holiday Dream


Size:  21″ x 29″

Price: £400