About Shawn

I have been a keen photographer since 1996.  Having moved to the UK from America at the age of 25 to attend vet school in Edinburgh, I soon noticed the incredible amount of natural beauty surrounding me.  Wanting to share my experiences with my family and friends back in America, I picked up a camera and started shooting.  I quickly became aware that I had a natural eye for photography.  Landscape and wildlife photography became my main focus of interest. 

It was in vet school where I met my wife Laura, and we soon realised that we shared many interests, including travelling and photography.  We have travelled to the Colorado Rockies, Sardinia, Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon, and various places in the UK, but our particular favourite destination became the Maldives, and this fuelled my interest in underwater and nature photography.  This became a useful skill when volunteering with The Olive Ridley Project, an experience which further ignited my passion for conservation and eco-tourism.  I strive to use my photography skills to raise awareness of the natural world and the challenges it faces.  I am now based in the village of Oakley, which gives much opportunity to enjoy Hampshire’s natural environment. 

For me, striving to get the perfect photo is what makes photography fun.  Getting out in nature and away from the hubbub of life is an added bonus.  I tend to photograph what interests me and catches my eye, and as we are all unique, this is what gives my work its character.  Ever since I started taking pictures, I am more observant of life and the world around me, which helps me to achieve my photographic goals.  Being able to capture images for other people to enjoy brings me happiness and fulfilment. 


Bald Eagle


Size: 24 x 18 in

Price: £220

Big Thomson River


Size: 30 x 24 in

Price: £300

Ringlet Butterfly on Thistle


Size: 24 x 16 in

Price: £200

When a Tree Falls…


Size: 30 x 15 in

Price: £240