About Sharon

Sharon is predominantly a Fantasy watercolourist but enjoys mixed media, silk painting and making beaded jewellery too.

She says “As a child I dreamed of dragons and their hordes of gems. Now, as an adult, I paint the dragons and make the jewellery!”

It all started with a grandmother who had a wonderful imagination and wove incredible stories. As a teen in the 1970’s she was inspired by the stunning album art on vinyl records. Creating has always been a part of her life.

Today, Sharon is a popular TV artist and demonstrates Derwent, Frisk, Kuretake and SAA products on The Craft Store shopping channel. She has had her own TV special. She has featured in an episode of “Fraser and Friends” as well as numerous appearances in “A Splash of Paint”. She has illustrated the covers for several books and has 2 teaching DVDs. Sharon has a new book with Search Press, “How To Draw Unicorns”!

She travels the countryside visiting art groups to demonstrate her techniques. She judges art Exhibitions, opens public events, and runs workshops in her Hampshire home.

Moonstruck Dragon


Size: 43 cm x 31 cm

Price: £175

Ragged Robin

Water Colour

Size: 30 cm x 25 cm

Price: £180

Basking Mermaid

Mixed Media 

Size: 54 x 43cm

Price: £180

Golden Eyes

Mixed Media

Size 58 x 48cm 

Price: £180