SNA Membership Rules


The aim of the SNA membership is to create a community of wildlife and nature artists that can benefit from a shared passion. Our love of art and nature and a joy in sharing that between ourselves and with others. 

The membership has a few rules that can be revised as and when required with approval of the SNA committee. 


  1. Membership is per individual and benefits should not be shared. Discounts are for the individual. Breach of this will result in a warning and continued abuse of this will result in a non refunded cancellation of the membership. 
  2. On all social media and in all in person interactions members when critiquing other artists’ work should be constructive. 
  3. Any complaints should be emailed to in the first instance. We will review and address all complaints fairly and for the interest of the group. 
  4. Membership comes with a 14 day cancellation period unless any benefits of the membership have been claimed. After that no refund full or partial is offered. 
  5. Have fun and be kind. What made the predecessor of this group great was the kindness and support its members offered to other members. That is why this group was started. Let’s make this group great together.
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