Third Exhibition Art Work Registration


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if registering 3 works of 2D or 3D art work, this should be your 3rd selection and ensure you have also selected First and second Exhibition Art Work Registration option as well.

The exhibition is open to all artists and should be themed on the subject of nature. You do not have to be from the South or even the UK to enter but you do need to be here to drop off and collect your art work. The artist must have the right to reproduce the work of the image used. Photocopies, commercially produced prints, etchings and laser copies of work are not acceptable. Domestic or pet subjects are not eligible. Landscapes and Seascapes are also included but should focus on nature. Cityscapes are not allowed. All exhibits must be For Sale, the artists may enter at up to FOUR 2D and 3D exhibits, further exhibits at the discretion of the organisers. The exhibits must be owned by the artist and cannot be entered by a third party or agent.

Purpose made box canvasses are acceptable unframed, but ordinary canvasses without frames are not. Box canvasses must be at least 35mm depth and should not have staples or tacks down the sides, with the painting continued on the sides.

If you have any doubts about your entry or intend to submit non-traditional media, please check with the organisers first. All exhibits are subject to the organiser’s discretion. Any art work rejected before the exhibition or on the day will get a refund.

Sales and Copyright

Commission of 30%, (0% in the Art Market) will be deducted from the sale price of all original work and should be included and allowed for in the sale price. Works entered but not handed in will not have the fees refunded.

Rookesbury Park nor the Organisers will be held responsible for any work exhibited by members that infringes copyright law – the artist is held responsible for the originality of their own work.

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