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We are now offering the chance to become a member of Southern Nature Art. The 1 year membership is not compulsory and you can exhibit with us without being a member. We understand and are also struggling artists ourselves. So we have aimed to create a membership that offers real value. So what is included in the membership?

  • Discount on workshops
  • Away days
  • ½ page catalogue entry if they have paintings in the exhibition.
  • Free Private view tickets.
  • Facebook community hub page.

We will be running workshops regularly throughout the year and if you login to your membership area you will be able to book onto those workshops at a discount.

Away days to zoos and nature reserves. You will still need to pay entry but there will be member only meet ups with discounted entry (where possible). We will email members and inform you of these via your member area on the website, via email and via the Facebook Community hub.

This year at the exhibition we will be introducing a catalogue that lists all of the artwork being exhibited. We will also have pages available for artists to have a half page or full page bio. A half page bio will cost £20 and a fill page £40. But for members you can have a half page bio for fee with the membership. (thats already 50% of the cost of membership)

We will be charging entry this year for the exhibition with a £5 cost for the special view VIP tickets. This year the private view will be on the Thursday night and will be the first chance for anyone to see the exhibition. So if you want to ensure you can purchase the first painting then you will need to be at the opening night. Members get free tickets.

We will also have a private Facebook group for members. So we can all keep in contact. You can also use the group to ask for critiques, advice and support. SNA has always been one of the friendliest groups of artists and now we will be one of the friendliest on Facebook.


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