About Julie London


It is a deep love and respect for nature and animals that has lead Julie to follow her heart and choose painting & drawing as her fulltime work.  Her portfolio covers wildlife, both African and British, pet portraiture and then anything else that inspires her, rendered predominantly in pastel, coloured pencil, acrylic and more recently watercolour.

Julie has won multiple awards at Wildlife/Animal Exhibitions nationally and she has been a teacher and demonstrator for well over 10 years.


  • AAA BEST IN SHOW Autumn Exhibition 2020
  • AAA BEST IN SHOW Spring Exhibition 2019
  • AAA Highly Commended Spring Exhibition 2019
  • Colored Pencil Community of Australasia awarded MASTER status 2018
  • Published in Ann Kullberg Magazine September 2018 Pencil Box
  • TWASI Annual Exhibition Pollyanna Pickering Inaugural Award for Best Work on Paper 2018
  • AAA Best Overall Mammal 2017 (Regnl Exhib)
  • AAA Best Overall Bird 2017 (Regnl Exhib)
  • AAA BEST IN SHOW 2017 (Regnl Exhib)
  • TWASI Annual Exhibition St Cuthberts Award for Best Work on Paper 2017
  • Published in Ann Kullberg’s Book “Colored Pencil Cats & Dogs” 2015
  • Society of Equestrian Artists – 3 pieces in Mall Galleries 2014
  • Mayor’s Choice at Whiteley Art Society Exhibition October 2010
  • MIWAS Exhibition 2009 Best Non-British Species & BEST IN SHOW
  • MIWAS Exhibition 2008 Runner Up Most Improved Artist – award presented by Simon King, Naturalist and Broadcaster


Member of: SAA, The Wildlife Art Society International, Association of Animal Artists, Society of Equestrian Artists, UK Coloured Pencil Society and Romsey Art Group




Amber Alert (Jaguar) 

Coloured Pencil 

Size:  27in x 29in (Framed)

Price: £625

Backward Glance (Giraffe)


Size:  22 in  x 19 in (Framed)

Price: £425

Reflective (Cheetah Cub)


Size:  20 in x  17 in (Framed)

Price: £425

Moon Fox


Size:  10 in x 10 in (Framed)

Price: £295