About Jill

At the start of the new millennium. I graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a first-class honours degree in Illustration.  My principal research at that time was the effect that modern intensive agriculture has on our native wildlife and, the now very well documented, decline of the honeybee.

Today I concentrate on creating soft, nostalgic images that have a profound connection with the natural world.  I exhibit regularly and my work is held nationally and internationally.

It was at university that I fell in love with printmaking.  Nowadays I am interested in printmaking, not just as a means of reproduction, but also as an original experimental medium.  I often pull only one print, which I like to enhance with drawing, painting, and collage.

As a passionate gardener my work often features pollinator-friendly plants, the birds that inhabit the hawthorn hedgerow at the end of the garden, plus a range of other topics such as nature reserves and wildflower meadows.  Latest works reference the importance of pollinators to the production of food on our tables.

Floral Visitors Series – Late Summer 

Collage of Dry point Etching 

Size: 32 x 32 in

Price: £520

Gold Dust iii

3D Construction  

Size: 24 x 24 in

Price: £390

Just Bees and Things and Flowers

Monoprint 40 x 19 in 

Size: 40 x 19 in

Price: £520

Three Little Great Tits 


Size: 40 x 19 in

Price: £520