About Jamie Boots

Jamie Boots is a self taught artist who is known for realistic, highly detailed animal pencil drawings that capture the animal’s character and personality. 

With a limited number of originals being available each year Jamie’s drawings have become highly collectable.   Many of Jamie’s pictures are available as Limited Edition prints in galleries throughout the UK.  

Jamie is often asked to visit local art clubs to talk about his work however, with recent events Jamie has started a You Tube channel.  On this channel Jamie will share his passion for drawing as well as explaining simple ways of how you can learn to draw and show you the techniques that he uses to create realistic textures such as fur, hair and skin. 

Videos include  ‘How to draw a Meerkat’ series which is suitable for beginners  as Jamie shows how to get the proportions correct without having to use tracing or transfer paper; how to get a realistic glassy look to the eye as well as how to create detailed textures like fur. 

The Elephant (Untitled)

Price: £POA

Snow Leopard (Untitled)

Price: £5,800

Branching Out

Price: £2,800