With Georgia de Buriatte

Spaces available 10 for 6 - 11 year olds

Workshop is £50 per person materials included

Date 27th August 2021

Times – 10.00am to  4.00pm

For young artists from 6 years old to 11 (over 11 please enquire).

Learning all about British insects, and making a series of artworks themed around this.

Insect Collagraphs

During this session we will explore different insect base shapes.

Cutting these out of paper to plan our insects, before moving onto foam to be attached to a cardboard backing.

We will then use printmaking techniques to roller and print the insect shapes in different varieties and combinations!

Minibeast Recycled Garden Models

For our second part of the day we will be exploring recycling and its benefits for out garden wildlife.

We will begin by making 3 dimensional paper sculptures of a garden scene with scrap paper pieces, and pipe cleaners.

Once we have our beautiful mini gardens we will encase them in a recycled bottle bell jar!


In our second exploration of the printmaking process we will be looking at how the sun can change the art we make!

Inspired by the works of famous female botanist Anna Atkins.

To explore the idea of sun prints (cyanotypes) we will be laying a series of pressed flowers, feathers, insect cut outs, and other garden inspired forms on photosensitive paper before exposing it for a beautiful blue print.

Lepidoptera Cards

For our final piece we will be making artwork inspired by the practice of workshop leader, Georgia de Buriatte.

These 3D lepidoptera pieces will be made by layering coloured card, tracing paper, and parchment together to make lifelike inset cards!

Letter stamps will then be used to create letterpress markers, finishing off our insect inspired collection!

Refreshments included

  • Drink and biscuits on arrival,
  • Lunch – Light Buffet Lunch, tea and coffee
  • Drink and cake in the afternoon

Don’t forget to add any dietary requirements when reserving the workshop.