About Helen Clifford

Helen find inspiration in the patterns, textures and colours of the natural world.

The aim of her work is to share her delight in the beauty to be found in the small details all around us – in trees, plants, flowers and roots, rock, stone and water.

Helen also enjoy working on animal subjects, trying to convey their individual personalities and quirks. She use a variety of media but primarily coloured pencil, which can capture both detail and texture with wonderful colour.

She has exhibited at the Southern Nature exhibition and its predecessor, MIWAS, for many years and it is one of her favourite events. Her work has been accepted in numerous juried exhibitions and competitions.

This year she has been selected for exhibition at the St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery in Lymington for the fifth year running, and for the second occasion in the Open exhibition at Southampton City Art Gallery.

Watch With Mother (Capybara) – Coloured Pencil

Size:  7 inch by 10 inch plus mount

Price: £90

Giraffe – Watercolour

Size:  10 inch by 14 inch plus mount

Price: £120

Marabou Stork – Coloured Pencil

Size:  10 inch by 14 inch

Price: £120

Meerkat on Watch – Coloured Pencil

Size:  8 inch by 12 inch plus mount

Price: £120

Browsing Rhino – Coloured Pencil

Size:  12 inch by 8 inch plus mount

Price: £120