About Georgia de Buriatte

As a fine artist Georgia is trained primarily in printmaking and bookbinding. She has an incredible focus on nature in her practice, surrounding myself by it personally, and wanting to share it with others.

Often she make pieces looking directly from nature whether that be butterflies, insects, or plants, and transfer these into lino carvings. From these she develops various series of work including mock lepidoptera, 3D installations, frames fine art prints, and home décor. The idea of this is to reintroduce natural knowledge to people, allowing them to enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna inside their homes, and in a gallery setting.

Georgia has a studio space in Portsmouth where she keep her presses, make and show a lot of work, and also teach others how to make their own nature inspired print pieces!

Zebra Swallowtail – Lino Print, Hand illustrated ink, Framed

Size:  A6 in A5 frame

Price: £30

Luna Moth Zip Pouch – Scanned lino carving, in Vinyl on Cotton zip pouch

Size:  24 cm x 17 cm

Price: £9.5

Luna  – Framed Lino Print

Size:  6 cm x 6 cm

Price: £10

Golden Feather – Monoprint of Seagull feather and Lino Carving, Unframed

Size:  A6

Price: £10

Gold Death’s Head Hawk Moth Cushion with pad – Scanned Lino carving, in Vinyl on Cotton padded cushion

Size:  40 cm x 40 cm

Price: £17.50

Acherontia Styx – Framed Lino print and gold leaf

Size:  A6 in A5 frame

Price: £40