About Geoff Read

His background has been in animal conservation , both at London Zoo and later at Marwell Zoological Park.

Over the years, Geoff have been able to combine my experience and knowledge of wildlife with his passion for photography enabling him to capture the type of images inspirational to both professional and amateur Wildlife artists.

He travelled extensively both in the UK and Europe looking for the right images for artists and over the years have learnt artists are looking for more than just a photograph to work from, it needs to show an emotional attachment to the subject and its surroundings.

The purchaser has exclusive ownership of the photograph. No other person will be able to purchase or use that image.

Many art societies now insist on paintings entered into exhibitions must be reproduced from either their own photographs or those purchased as sole rights.

When an image has been purchased it will be deleted from the library therefore the purchaser has the only copy.

Workshops available from Geoff

Beginners DSLR Workshop (Wednesday, 25th August)

This workshop is designed to go through the basics and to enable you to understand your camera and get the best out of it.

DSLR Creative Photography Workshop (Thursday, 26th August)

This workshop is designed as an introduction to Creative photography and exploring different techniques and enjoying what your camera can achieve.