Exhibitors and the Art Market Information

This is an Exhibition with a theme of Nature open to all Artists

We welcome different forms of art work, not listed on the entry form, please contact Nick or Caroline via email to discuss your inclusion.

Nick Barker's Art Market Pitch in another room

Delivery information

Martin from Radstock in Somerset has offered to transport your art from his home to the exhibition and back for the price of £6 per art work. All you have to do is get it to his home.

If anyone would like to offer this service and help pay for your travelling costs please get in touch to southernnatureartexhibition@gmail.com.

We are looking for other Artists to help with this service from all over the country.

For further information please email southernnatureartexhibition@gmail.com.

Exhibition Entry Fees

Administration fee…£6.00 ‘one-off’ fee for all artists/sculptors entering work.

  • Paintings…………………………………£10.00 per work
  • Sculptures……………………………….£10.00 per work
  • 3D Works………………………………..£10.00 per work
  • Photographs…………………………….£ 3.00 per work
  • Digital Art……………………………….£3.00 per work
  • Works larger than 44 inches………  provide own method of display
  • Miniatures – are treated as normal size paintings and charged as above.
  • Sculptures and 3D please advise the dimensions in inches and weight.
  • If you have an art work that does not fall in to one of the above categories please contact the Administrators by email.

Art Market

Friday, 23rd August including Special view evening (7.00pm – 9.00pm), Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August 2019, 10.00am – 5.00pm

The Art Market will be coordinated by Geoff and Sandra Read they can be contacted via email to southernnatureartexhibition@gmail.com.

Artists may apply for pitches (Size 2.5 meters frontage and 2 meters depth min) in the indoor areas for the four days, priority will be given to those booking all four days, which can be used for working demonstrations and/or to sell sculptures, originals, prints, cards and photos to the public.

We will endeavour to accommodate everyone who wishes to have a pitch.

Please note – 10% commission will be charged on the sale of all originals.

  •   The cost is £40.00 per pitch, per day.
  •   All artists to have a minimum of two exhibits in the exhibition to be eligible for a pitch.
  •   Friday evening art market is included in the fee for that day.
  •   Access to the Art Market for set up is from 5.00pm, Thursday 22nd August all pitches must be set up and owner’s vehicles parked away from the orangery by 9.30am each day. Vehicles will not be allowed access to remove goods until after 5.00pm each evening.
  •   All pitches must be tidy with a table cloth that covers the floor, you are required to provide your own tables, chairs and display units.
  •   The premises will be closed and locked each night, but all goods left overnight are unreservedly at the owner’s risk.
  •   Up to two artists can share a pitch – it may also be possible for an individual artist to purchase the use of two pitches – please enquire.

For more information see the Terms and Conditions on the entry form.

Entry form SNAE 2019

Accommodation is available at £40 per person per night inc Breakfast enquiries to

Janine Sayer – Manager

T: 01329 833108

M: 07909 643332

E: lettings@rookesburypark.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Exhibitors and the Art Market Information

  1. Shane Wiseman

    Hello Janine

    I was chatting to Vic and sad I still got time for this year , see this year now full?
    time short. would like to join you next year.
    I enjoy it when Mawell did it with Pip.

    Shane Wiseman


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