About Emma Abel

Emma Abel of abelmosaics is a maker of endangered wildlife mosaics, giving a small platform to threatened species through exhibitions and competitions, with 10% of sales going to conservation charities.  In 2019 and 2020 Emma was shortlisted in the Explorers Against Extinction global Art initiative, being selected as Runner Up for The Artist Award in 2020. 

Emma works on mesh or board in the “Direct” method, fashioning intricately cut hard materials such as marble, glass and ceramic into a tuft of hair or ruffled feather.   Handmade glass fused eyes, beaks and claws add personality.   Emma runs weekly mosaic workshops, sharing the skill and her love of mosaics at her Wiltshire studio.  Follow her @abelmosaics and www.abelmosaics.com.  


Riverine Rabbit – Mosaic in Smalti, Ceramic and Glass

Size:  45 cm x 37 cm

Price: £333 +P&P

Pied Tamarin Primate – Mosaic 

Size: 65 x 30 cm

Price: £390 +P&P

Hirola Antelope – Mosaic in stained glass, marble and ceramic

Size:  55 cm x 43 cm

Price: £473 +P&P

A Workshop is available with Emma

Mosaics (Saturday, 28th August) with Emma

Mosaic a pattern, floral or wildlife covering all stages of mosaic.