About David

David is a professional artist based in beautiful Mid Wales. He works with stained glass creating  traditional panels and unique three dimensional sculpture combining stained glass and wood.

He also paints subjects from nature using oil paints, focusing on landscapes and wildlife. Most of his recent painting work has been done using palette knives, and he is enjoying developing  skills with these

He has had a lifelong interest in the natural world and art and has a degree in ecology and environmental sciences. 

His inspiration comes from the natural world around him and specifically from the landscapes and nature of Wales, but also from a range if other habitats he has visited worldwide. 

David exhibits in national exhibitions on a regular basis and has work in several established galleries.


Lapwing with Young

Stained Glass on Yew

Size: 16 x 12 x 10

Price: £375

On the Reef (Green Turtle)

Stained Glass on Driftwood

Size 12 x 10 x 10in

Price £375

Outback Nomads 

Oil on Wood Panel

Size 36 x 24 in

Price £625