Congratulations Emma.

Our congratulations go to Emma Abel of Abelmosaics, she has recently been selected as Runner-Up for The Artist Award as part of the Explorers Against Extinction competition.

Check out her profile and the workshop she will be holding in August 2021

This award is decided by the editorial panel of The Artist Magazine and is awarded to the artist who in their opinion best captures the spirit of the Sketch for Survival initiative in a two dimensional drawing or painting of any medium. 

Dr Sally Bulgin, the editor said: “I was also drawn to this endearing image of this critically endangered Pygmy Raccoon, endemic to Cozumel Island off the coast of Mexico. I had never seen one before and was shocked to learn that there are fewer than 250 mature individuals left. I love the comical little face with its black mask around the eyes, and bushy tail, and the fact that the artist has been able to convey the character and fragility of this animal so effectively in hard materials such as glass and ceramic mosaic.”

Public Vote 2020: The Results

We’re delighted to announce the winner of this year’s public vote: Nicky Heard’s stunning ‘Giraffe’.

This beautiful piece from Nicky depicts the graceful head of a giraffe peering from the frame. It is made all the more impressive by the fact that it was painted using wool. Nicky says of her win: ‘This is the first time I have participated in the Southern Nature Art Exhibition and I did not know how wool would be received as a painting media. I am thrilled that people have voted for me and, I feel, it opens up possibilities for more artists using unusual media.’

Many voters were impressed by this piece, here are some comments:

“He looks so alive! The detail in him is superb.”

“I love the stark shift of line drawing to detail and the look captured on the giraffe’s face, like you’ve just interrupted their dinner.”

“The use of wool on canvas fascinates me, the detail Nicky gets into it is truly astonishing. She’s also a wonderful lady, very humble.:

“I love the angle of the piece and the simplicity of the artwork.”

Second place goes to Julie Weir for their ‘Here comes the Spring’. All our nominees were amazing, but these two were the favourites of the public this year. A huge thank you to everyone who voted, it was great to hear your thoughts.

Nicky will be able to see their work on next year’s promotional material, as we proudly display the best our exhibition has to offer.

ART6 Explore

Introducing the artists collaboration that is ART6 Explore…

About us…

We are 6 North Somerset based artists who have exhibited together regularly.  When the lockdown hit, our exhibition plans were instantly shelved and a chance conversation sparked the idea that we could work together. We will enjoy bringing our individual creative processes together to curate a series of themed monthly online exhibitions. We hope our creations will provide a lively and interesting place for you to visit regularly.

Every month we will have a new theme to explore and each ART6 Artist will interpret this in their own way. It will be fascinating to see the outcomes of six creative minds at work using a wide range of different processes and mediums. We’re excited to see how the themes develop and we hope you will be too. Whether you are looking for an original artwork for your home or garden, a unique gift for someone special or you just enjoy seeing how different artists approach a common subject; we hope you will find plenty to interest you here.

If you enjoy your visit please like and follow our page and tell your friends about us.

ART6 Explore… introduce you to Julie Mainstone.

I’m Bristol born and bred. My love for paint and paintbrush started at an early age – a relationship that has grown ever richer and deeper with time. I turned professional in 2017. My inspiration comes from exploring the world around me. But my creative response comes from deep within. Painting outdoors immersed in the sights and sounds of nature is when I am at my happiest. I work straight in without drawing to keep my art spontaneous and instinctive. Accuracy is far less important to me than capturing the feel of my subject. Many artists, past and present, have guided and inspired me. Van Gogh, Singer Sargent, Trevor Waugh. But I have mainly ploughed my own furrow. Now I work with artists to pass on my watercolour passion through teaching.

You can see more of my work on my website

ART6Explore … introduce you to Adrienne Hughes.

In 2018 I waved a fond farewell to my career as a primary school headteacher, as the draw (!) to become a full-time artist became too strong. I’m mainly self-taught and only consider disciplines that begin with p – painting, printing, pottery, photography and pen-drawing.,,must have a go at pastels! My main inspiration is the natural world-countryside and coast, shapes, textures and colours….oh and cats. I love to travel and I can’t wait to visit exhibitions again. The work of other artists is always inspiring and I particularly enjoy Van Gogh, Barbra Rae, James Tower, David Hockney and Tove Jansson. On that note, I am a little obsessed with Moomins as you will discover!

If you want to find out more about my work then follow me on social media, check out my websites and take a peep at my online shop.

ART6Explore introduce you to Mandi Baykaa-Murray.

A bit about me….

ART6Explore introduce you to Renée Kilburn.

Born in Sweden, I moved to London in 1994 to study Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martin. I now live in Weston-super-Mare where I set up my ceramic studio in 2008, and work full time to create sculptural, brightly glazed, frostproof stoneware pieces for the home and garden.
My ranges develop constantly as I often get commissioned to make new designs.

ART6 Explore introduce you to Gabbie Gardner…

I have been a professional jewellery designer and maker for many years and also create artwork using a wide range of materials and techniques. Many aspects of the natural world inspire me, from minute details of plants and insects on my daily walks to sweeping coastlines and landscapes of the West Country. These initial starting points may be developed into textural silver jewellery, colourful enamels, drawn studies or acrylic paintings.

More of my work, ideas and inspirations can be seen at my Facebook page

  • Gabbie Gardner Designer Jewellery 
  • Instagram @gardner.gabbie

ART6 Explore introduce you to Sarah Aumayer of Mydsomer Studio…

I have always loved making craft and for the last 15 years I have focused on fusing glass in a kiln. I create decorative items for the home and garden as well as jewellery. Known for using strong colours and contemporary styles I also love to develop abstracts that can get quite dark and moody. I enjoy exploring both the strength and fragility of glass using layers I’ve cut from sheets as well as ground and powdered glass.

You can see more of my work on Facebook as “Mydsomer Studio”

What advice would you give to a new artist?

It’s been really powerful to hear from our artists in their interviews this year. Their stories have been so interesting to hear, and it was fascinating to listen to them set out their processes and methods. We also got to hear about their passions and their inspirations. Their advice to anybody who has taken up art, either as a hobby or as a professional, was really useful, and as such we decided to make a montage of all they had to say:

Southern Nature Art makes it into the Portsmouth News

We’re excited to announce that a full page feature about the Southern Nature Art Exhibition has been published today in the Portsmouth News! The article discusses how the usual exhibition has been transferred to the website and social media. and how important it is for artists to have a space to display their work to the world.

Interview with Martin Rumary

It’s usually a person’s childhood environment that shapes them in the future. This experienced artist here has been painting non-stop for over 50 years now and his first ever inspiration was and still is the nature surrounding him. His moving from the busy city of London to Mendip Hills in Somerset at the age of 7 played a major role in finding his calling.

Martin’s art is available on the Southern Nature Gallery page, contact him directly from his website: if you want to purchase a piece!