The Benefits of Creating Art From Artists Themselves

Letting our creativity flow is beneficial to all of us in a multitude of ways. Creating artwork of any medium gives us the opportunity for us to experience these benefits. 

We’ve seen over lockdown that people have taken up new hobbies, including art and photography, as a way of relieving stress, managing mental health and improving their skills. These developments of new skills offer many advantages to us, from encouraging us to think creatively to boosting our self-esteem to feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment.

We have been asking our artists, who will be exhibiting in the Southern Nature Art Exhibition this year, how creating their artwork has been beneficial to them, including during the recent lockdown. Here is what they had to say:

[Lockdown] allowed me to do some paintings just for myself. To just do some art for the enjoyment of doing it, without it having to meet a deadline or be liked by anyone else. It was just relaxing and enjoyable to just relax and enjoy the process.Jamie Sinclair

Unlike many of our friends and neighbours, I haven’t been bored or fed up, I’ve just been painting or sculpting and having a good time. It gives me a real purpose and I can’t wait to get up each day and make a mess in my studio. Only trouble is, I am the one who has to clear it up too. – Fiona Champion


Want to experience these feelings yourself? Then why not give art a go at one of our workshops? There’s something suitable for all ages and abilities. Click here for more information.

Being creative is beneficial to all of us, and creating a piece of artwork is one of the best ways to do this. Yes, there may be a bit of mess, but that’s part of the fun! Give it a go today at home or book yourself in for one of our many workshops and experience the benefits of being creative yourself!

The Two Month Countdown Begins

It is now only two months to go until the doors will be opened at Cams Hill School for the 7th Southern Nature Art Exhibition, and preparations are well underway.

Since we last posted, we have been promoting the exhibition on all our social media channels. Intern Abbie has been working hard designing and publishing these posts, including this popular one used to attract artists to the exhibition:

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This isn’t the only place you’ll find us though. Megan, our other intern, has been working on finding advertising space in the local area, including writing editorials for local magazines. These will be published throughout the summer, and we will update you on where you can get your hands on a copy to read more about the exhibition.


In terms of the actual exhibition itself, more and more artists, whose expertise lie in a variety of mediums, are confirming that they will be exhibiting their pieces at Southern Nature Art Exhibition. We are very excited to see what pieces everyone is working on for the exhibition!


We have also restarted our popular interview series, which was started by last year’s interns, in which some of the artists participating in the exhibition or running a workshop will speak to us about their work, their process and perhaps tell us some fun stories too! The first video will be published very soon. In this video, Abbie interviewed Martin Raskovsky about his photography. You will be able to find this video on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. We have many more artists lined up, who will be taking part in our interview series over the next few weeks. Please let us know if you have any questions you would like us to ask via email ( or via our social media channels.


If all this talk about art has made you feel like giving it a go, there are still places available on our workshops! You can learn a variety of skills from Airbrushing to Kids Art to Photography and more! Book now to avoid disappointment. Click here to find more information about the workshops on our website.

Our Team Has Grown Again! We Have Two New Interns

As we enter our 7th year of the Southern Nature Art Exhibition, we have another two interns from the University of Southampton joining us this summer. Abbie Hole and Megan Gaen have started their new roles as Marketing and Promotions Interns and will be focusing on all things social media, marketing and advertising opportunities for the exhibition, the artists and their work. 

Abbie Hole is a Fashion Marketing Management Graduate from the University of Southampton. After completing Business Studies at Brockenhurst College, Abbie went on to intern for luxury fashion brands. She will be using her creative skills to handle our social media channels and drive online engagement to promote our artist community.

Megan Gaen is a German and Spanish Graduate from the University of Southampton. She has participated in student media as Lifestyle Editor for Wessex Scene, the University’s student newspaper, which involved organising, editing, and scheduling articles and social media posts. She will bring her editorial and social media skills to this internship and create editorials, blog posts and social media content to draw people to the event as exhibitors, participants, or visitors.


We have already started our work together as a new team, with new social media posts up and running already on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and many more are planned!

To see these updates about the exhibition, including the artists and their work, follow us on our social media platforms:

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We look forward to working together over the next few weeks to help this exhibition be as successful as we can make it! And we can’t wait to share everything we have in store with you!

The Three Interns!

The show must go on as they say. We at Southern Nature Art Exhibition believe that no matter what happens you should never stop being true to yourself and your work. If you have enough passion and the strength to move forward with the same rigor and spirit, then no curve ball thrown at you can stop you. This enthusiasm is witnessed in all our fabulous artists who cannot get enough of nature and pour their hearts while modelling nature into their art.

Keeping this in mind, we didn’t let the lockdown, or the travel restrictions waver our enthusiasm towards improving our exhibition’s operations and providing the best for our artists. We decided to hire interns and welcome them into are art family. They have been an integral part of keeping this
exhibition on-line, posting and promoting the artist’s amazing paintings on social media, inviting artists for short interviews to share their stories and developing a brand new, fresh Southern Nature Art website as well. Working remotely and struggling with the zoom calls have been worth it for all of us.

We onboarded three very different but equally eager and keen interns. All their different strengths blending into one as the end-product. We are very grateful to the University of Southampton for their help and support throughout our intern searching and on-boarding journey.

Ben Watkins is a second year MEng Computer Science student at the University of Southampton. He has done a commendable job in designing and developing our beautiful brand-new website. He built
this website from scratch after analysing our old one using technical programming languages and page structuring tools including PHP and CSS. (Too technical for us to understand!). He expertly finished developing the website and the result is in front of us all.

Joe Goodchild is in his second year of his bachelors pursuing History. He has a strong hold over his communication skills and is responsible for contacting various artists and conducting short interviews, asking to share their stories and experiences. These interviews have proved to be very inspirational and insightful at the same time very intriguing just like how nature is.

Last but not the least our third intern is Krina Shah. She is pursuing her master’s in Digital Marketing and has been handling our social media channels. She has been posting and successfully promoting our exhibition as well as the artists on different social media accounts, balancing the frequency and timings of the posts all while creating platform relevant content along with a bit of blogging. The beautiful posts you see on Facebook, Instagram and other channels are her doing.

Together these interns have been responsible for their effective contribution and we are really glad to be working with them.

-Krina Shah