About Caroline Strong

I am an artist of the Natural World. Even as a child I was always drawing anything and everything and always in detail. I am in awe of all that I see in our beautiful world.

I go walking regularly and take photos of the beautiful countryside in the south of England where I’m so lucky to live, particularly the plants, flowers and fungi, but also the birds and animals, and landscapes. I also love to explore images showing the world beyond and paint from these when possible, with the permission of the photographer.

I paint what inspires me and which stretches my drawing and painting skills usually using watercolour and/or coloured pencils, but occasionally pastels, acrylic or oils. I use techniques that help me to achieve realism, though not photo-realism, and I especially enjoy colour and the use of strong tonal values.

I welcome commissions for subjects from the natural world, so do contact me with your requirements.

Barn Owl showing the way. 

Coloured Pencil with watercolour background in Pastelmat board  

Size:  14 in x 18 in

Price: £290

Catch of the day 

Watercolour on Watercolour Coldpress paper  

Size:  33 in x 27 in

Price: £900

Sunset on the Matterhorn

Watercolour on Watercolour Coldpress paper 

Size:  22 in x 29 in 

Price: £500

Early Summer Delight

Coloured Pencil on HP watercolour paper

Size:  20 in x 16 in

Price: £495

British Wildflowers in Spring 


Size:  19 in x 25 in

Price: £495

Amur Tiger

Coloured Pencil (watersoluble and dry) with watercolour background on Pastel mat board 16x20in Price £420

Size:  16 in x 20 in

Price: £420