Interview with Morgane Antoine

Pour visionner cette interview en français, cliquez ici My name is Morgane Antoine and I’m a French wildlife artist renowned for capturing my subjects in amazingly detailed and realistic paintings. Oh, and I love snow leopards! Q. What medium do you work in and why? I work with acrylics mostly because I can overlay as…

Interview with David Skidmore

You can see David’s artwork in our gallery on the website. If you’re interested in buying David’s work, contact him through

Interview with Jamie Sinclair

Jamie’s art can be viewed in Southern Nature Art’s Online Gallery. If you want to buy his airbrush work, visit his website

Interview with Sally Goodden

Sally’s work is available to view on our gallery page. Get in touch with her through her website if you’re interested in purchasing her beautiful and colour-filled work.

Interview with Kerry Vaughan

Kerry’s work is available to buy right now, you can find it on our gallery page. Contact her direct on her website: to inquire about purchasing her art.

Interview with Richard Paulley

I try as much as possible to ensure that anyone viewing my work is able to tell that they are looking at a drawing and not a photograph. That way I feel they can really appreciate the artistic skill and the various techniques used.

Interview with Martin Rumary

It’s usually a person’s childhood environment that shapes them in the future. This experienced artist here has been painting non-stop for over 50 years now and his first ever inspiration was and still is the nature surrounding him. His moving from the busy city of London to Mendip Hills in Somerset at the age of…

Interview with Julie Weir

Dynamic, colourful and water-borne artist Julie Weir talks about how she became an artist, what she’s inspired by and more! Find more of Julie’s art on her website:

Interview with Georgia de Buriatte

I wait for the Zoom to boot up, excited to chat with Georgia de Buriatte, the graduate artist with a passion for butterflies, moths and print-making. A few minutes on video call is a poor comparison to the workshop she was planning to run at the Southern Nature Art Exhibition, but the demands of the…

Interview with Nick Barker

Joe, one of our interns, sat down to talk with Nick Barker, an artist and an organiser of the Southern Nature Art Exhibition. He’s self-taught and enjoys painting and drawing greatly, it was great to hear from him Find more of Nick’s art on his website: