Artwork entry

entering artwork into the exhibition


Artwork Subject

The artwork(s) entered have to be in some way connected to nature (e.g. wildlife, landscapes, abstracts inspired baby nature, etc). We do NOT accept pet portraits or human related work with the exception of nature in made-made scenarios/spaces.


The artwork(s) entered can be any media; paintings, drawings, scultptures, ceramics, original lino prints, etchings, and other mediums. Paintings/drawings or any 2D pieces are required to be framed and hung corrected via D rings and chord. 


Any 2D artworks entered (paintings/drawings/pieces that will hang) can go up to a maximum size of 1m x 1m. Any 3D artworks entered can be a maximum weight of 20kg. Please get in touch if you pieces outside of this limit, and we will consider on a case by case basis whether it is suitable for the exhibition.


Please consider the transportation of your artwork(s) to the exhibition. All artists are responsible for getting their own pieces to and from the exhibition. There will be specified drop off/collection dates.


All artworks entered must be on sale for a minimum of £100. This is to put in place a quality control. Make sure all artworks are priced at their true value. This can be achieved by working out material costs, hourly rate, framing, etc. We take a 30% commission on artworks that are sold so please take that into consideration of the final price of your work. 

Having a space in our Catalogue

We will be bringing back the exhibition catalogue this year, and selling full pages or half pages for an artist biography (maximum 250 words), an image, a list of any entered artworks (title, date, media, price), and any social media links or website links. A full page is A5 and a half page is A6. If you are a member you will get a half-page free but you can upgrade to a full page. 

To purchase a space in our catalogue, add your order to basket and pay alongside or after you’ve registered your artwork(s) to be exhibited. Like the artworks, you will receive a google form to fill out with all of the information you’d like to put into your entry of the Southern Nature Art catalogue.

A look at the exhibition spaces:

At Rookesbury, we will have stunning exhibition spaces in this grand 19th century building. Whereas before the work has been displayed on boards in the rooms, this year we will curate the exhibition to accentuate these amazing spaces by hanging directly onto the walls, using the beautiful oddities of the space to compliment the artworks and make full use of this wonderful building. We will still use some display boards in some of the rooms, as well as tables and plinths for sculptural works.

Exhibition Address

Rookesbury Park

Southwich Road


PO17 6HT


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