Richard Paulley

Wildlife Artist

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”

I am a self-taught wildlife artist based in Winchester where I am living the dream of creating fine art based on some of the magnificent and breath-taking creatures with which we share our planet.

The natural world has always provided artists with a unique opportunity to create images which are as formidable and powerful or as delicate and frail as the subjects they depict. 

Many artists use natures vibrant colours to enhance and promote their work, but for me capturing the individual characteristics of the subject using graphite is the most rewarding.

Working with a limited pallet of black and greys and maintaining the subtle and contrasting tones cast by the original colour is challenging, but when finished, it can provide a striking and distinctive centrepiece which would compliment any home.

I have no claim to fame through award winning masterpieces but I hope you are able to find your own personal treasure somewhere in my extensive port-folio of original pencil drawings.

Contact details – A selection of Richard’s art is featured below, please contact him directly to discuss purchasing his work.