Emma Abel


I have been a Mosaicist for 22 years and is still fascinated by the art form!   Early on the focus was mosaic trays/tables/portraits, then during a spell in New Zealand I was influenced by stunning flora and fauna with the irresistible challenge of conveying fragility, movement and light through hard materials instead of a paintbrush.   

The primary focus of abelmosaics is critically endangered wildlife – aiming to provide a small platform to promote awareness through competitions, exhibitions and environmental charities.  I work on mesh/board in the Direct method using ceramic, glass, marble, slate and granite.    Using the glass fusion method I make special effects such as Beaks, Claws and Eyes.

abelmosaics is a member of Heritage Crafts Association (HCA),  British Association of Modern Mosaics (BAMM),  The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI)  and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT).    My work is in print and abelmosaics regularly exhibits throughout the UK.  Mosaics have sold both in UK and overseas.

Contact details – A selection of Emma’s art is featured below, please contact her directly to discuss purchasing her work.


workshop photo


The workshop comprises seven stages of mosaic.