Caroline Hiron

Mixed Media Artist

Caroline Hiron was born in Swansea, South Wales, in 1963. She currently lives in Gosport in Hampshire. Caroline left school at 16 and went straight to Art college. The next seven years were a voyage of self-discovery which culminated in an M.A. in Printed Textiles from The Royal College of Art. Art and Design have persistently played a part in her life so far, in one form or another. She is currently pursuing a career as a full-time mixed media artist. 

“Pattern, texture and colour have always been the driving force behind my art and nature is my primary inspiration. I find comfort in the order and symmetry found in our natural environment but I also embrace the chaotic unpredictability of life and its perpetual state of flux. My work explores a combination of these different elements and how they can work in harmony within one image. Constant experimentation with a wide variety of mediums underpins the development of my ideas and often dictates the direction of their outcomes. Mixed media has always characterized the artistic style of my work which is constantly evolving. This often occurs naturally through accidental discovery.”

Contact details – A selection of Caroline’s art is featured below, please contact her directly to discuss purchasing her work.

All work is framed in black floater frames.

All of the work is mixed media on canvas including photography, pebeo prime. metal leaf, posca pens, machine and hand embroidery and rhinestones.


workshop photo

Create a picture working with Mixed Media

Create a unique mixed media picture using a range of mediums.