About Ann Hollaway

I have been a practising Artist for 30 years, following a degree in Fine Art from Reading University, and time spent as a Theatre Designer.

My passion has always been the animal kingdom, exploring wildlife, domestic animals and horses. I mainly work in charcoal ,as I love the play of light and shade and the use one can make of the white space on the paper to create drama.

I have a particular focus on the dynamics of animals and how one can
express movement and the power of the animal.  I was influenced early on by the German Expressionist Franz Marc, who tried to explore the animal from his own perspective, saying:

‘I could paint a picture called ‘The Doe’ … I may also want to paint a picture, ‘The Doe Feels’. How infinitely more subtle must the painters sensitivity in order to paint that.”

Working in monotone, or with a limited colour palette allows me to use areas of the paper or canvas to suggest space without placing the animals in a more traditional pastoral context, and the composition becomes crucial to give the life to the space within the piece.

Fox Portrait


Size 19.5 x 19.5in 

Price: £350

Fox I


15 x 33in 

Price: £500

Fox II 


Size 19.5 x 33in 

Price: £550