With Jamie Sinclair

Spaces available 7

Workshop is £57 per person materials included

Date Thursday, 25th August 2022

Times – 10.00am to  4.00pm

Using the airbrush we will learn how to create a realistic beetle painting. This course is aimed at beginners but if you have some airbrush experience then we will still be covering some more advanced techniques, tips and tricks.

We will start off discussing transfer/drawing techniques for getting the image correctly onto the surface. The surface we will be using is Clayboard. This is a firm art board that is very good for erasing techniques. While this image can be done with only spraying it does offer the opportunity to show both painted texture and implied erased texture and will discuss the benefits of both. 

We will be using acrylic inks and (only 2 colours) and film masking to get a crisp clean outline of the beetle. A steady hand and a sharp craft knife are needed for this. We will be cutting and breaking down the image into sections and sequentially building the image up. Using masking will make this process a lot easier for new airbrush artists. Also by breaking it down into sections everyone will be able to systematically follow along. 

The final steps will be to add in the drop shadow which will make the beetle look like he is stepping out of the image and will give that 3d effect. Materials will be provided but should you have your own air compressor and airbrush please contact us as spaces for this workshop are limited due to available equipment. So if you have an airbrush and compressor more people will be able to participate. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Refreshments included

  • Tea and coffee and biscuits on arrival,

  • Lunch – Light Buffet Lunch, tea and coffee

  • Tea and coffee and cake in the afternoon

Don’t forget to add any dietary requirements when reserving the workshop.