How did it start?

The Marwell Art Society was founded in early 1999, operating as an association of wildlife artists supporting the work of Marwell Wildlife in Hampshire, United Kingdom. The group grow rapidly to become the largest wildlife art society in Europe with well over 300 members. In 2004, their title was changed to ‘Marwell International Wildlife Art Society’ (MIWAS) in order to more accurately reflect the composition and needs of the members. In late 2005, the art society became independent from Marwell (though still supporting their aims and working with them).

In 2014, the society decided to disband, leaving a lot of disappointed artist who look forward to the annual exhibition that the society put on. 

A group of Artists decided that they would take over the running of the exhibition, a job that is easier said than done.  They were Nick Barker, Jamie Sinclare and Geoff and Sandra Read, ably assisted by Caroline who took on all the administration (not an artist)

We have kept the theme of Nature which is a broad subject, including Wildflowers, Wild birds, Sea and Landscapes.  We don’t include pets or domesticated animals, which causes great discussion with regards to New Forest Ponies, but like most things connected to the exhibition we try to be as accommodating as possible.  One gorgeous picture of a carthorse in full regalia was entered, we discussed the exhibit with the owner and arranged for one of the art market pitch holders to exhibit, we are very pleased to say it sold.

The Artmarket

This is an area where you can sell things relating to your art.  It is a great place to meet other artists and visitors, we encourage demonstration of art work this causes a lot of interest, in drawing people to your stall.

We encourage all artists with in the theme of nature to enter, be it one piece to max 4 unless by special permission. We do not judge the entries as we feel art is in the eye of the beholder. 

We are also keen to encourage Student entries as we feel this is the future.

Art comes in all forms, be it Photography to Patchwork, Sculpture to Miniatures all mediums are very welcome.

If you have any questions please contact Caroline either by email to or call outside of working hours to 07985 070280.

This exhibitions is run purely by volunteers and any profit we make goes to running next years exhibition.

We do work closely with Southampton University and participate in their Funded Interns Program. We have had marvelous students that have assisted in improving our website and our marketing.  They have been invaluable, we feel it is a great discipline in todays economical society to see what can be done with a minimal or Zero budget it has lead to some innovative solutions including superb interviews with artists.

The next era

Geoff and Sandra Read handed over the running of the Art Market in 2021, they are now busy working on their miniatures they have an etsy shop (click here).

In 2022 Caroline Pinnells retired as Administrator.  Caroline and Nick Barker will be going travelling and seeing the world.

Going Forward into 2023

Jamie Sinclair and Colin Speed will be taking over the running of the exhibition, it is always good to have a fresh look at things…………watch this website for more information.