Congratulations Emma.

Our congratulations go to Emma Abel of Abelmosaics, she has recently been selected as Runner-Up for The Artist Award as part of the Explorers Against Extinction competition.

Check out her profile and the workshop she will be holding in August 2021

This award is decided by the editorial panel of The Artist Magazine and is awarded to the artist who in their opinion best captures the spirit of the Sketch for Survival initiative in a two dimensional drawing or painting of any medium. 

Dr Sally Bulgin, the editor said: “I was also drawn to this endearing image of this critically endangered Pygmy Raccoon, endemic to Cozumel Island off the coast of Mexico. I had never seen one before and was shocked to learn that there are fewer than 250 mature individuals left. I love the comical little face with its black mask around the eyes, and bushy tail, and the fact that the artist has been able to convey the character and fragility of this animal so effectively in hard materials such as glass and ceramic mosaic.”

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