The Three Interns!

The show must go on as they say. We at Southern Nature Art Exhibition believe that no matter what happens you should never stop being true to yourself and your work. If you have enough passion and the strength to move forward with the same rigor and spirit, then no curve ball thrown at you can stop you. This enthusiasm is witnessed in all our fabulous artists who cannot get enough of nature and pour their hearts while modelling nature into their art.

Keeping this in mind, we didn’t let the lockdown, or the travel restrictions waver our enthusiasm towards improving our exhibition’s operations and providing the best for our artists. We decided to hire interns and welcome them into are art family. They have been an integral part of keeping this
exhibition on-line, posting and promoting the artist’s amazing paintings on social media, inviting artists for short interviews to share their stories and developing a brand new, fresh Southern Nature Art website as well. Working remotely and struggling with the zoom calls have been worth it for all of us.

We onboarded three very different but equally eager and keen interns. All their different strengths blending into one as the end-product. We are very grateful to the University of Southampton for their help and support throughout our intern searching and on-boarding journey.

Ben Watkins is a second year MEng Computer Science student at the University of Southampton. He has done a commendable job in designing and developing our beautiful brand-new website. He built
this website from scratch after analysing our old one using technical programming languages and page structuring tools including PHP and CSS. (Too technical for us to understand!). He expertly finished developing the website and the result is in front of us all.

Joe Goodchild is in his second year of his bachelors pursuing History. He has a strong hold over his communication skills and is responsible for contacting various artists and conducting short interviews, asking to share their stories and experiences. These interviews have proved to be very inspirational and insightful at the same time very intriguing just like how nature is.

Last but not the least our third intern is Krina Shah. She is pursuing her master’s in Digital Marketing and has been handling our social media channels. She has been posting and successfully promoting our exhibition as well as the artists on different social media accounts, balancing the frequency and timings of the posts all while creating platform relevant content along with a bit of blogging. The beautiful posts you see on Facebook, Instagram and other channels are her doing.

Together these interns have been responsible for their effective contribution and we are really glad to be working with them.

-Krina Shah

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